Technology and Platforms

I believe it is very important for government to adopt technological advances in order to improve their services. Specifically, the government should do a better job keeping up with implementation in the private sector. This is because peoples expectations will continue to increase as the private sector makes its services more convenient. I do not think it is unreasonable for people to have high expectations of government. While it is unlikely government will be able to provide the same level of service as the private sector, because it has many more considerations to take into account, it should strive to constantly innovate. It is important that people feel that the government is doing valuable work for them or it could have consequences for society. For example, voters may begin electing governments that cut services to lower taxes if people do not believe that government is providing them good value for their taxes. This may negatively impact vulnerable groups and result in an uneven distribution of services. As a result, I believe that the government needs to implement new technology to improve services and keep pace with the private sector as closely as reasonably possible, even if it means taking some risks. This, paired with transparency, should ensure public confidence in government and make people feel that their money is being well spent.


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