Module 5 Reflection

I was not able to attend the guest lecture by Bianca Wylie, but I can speculate on how technology will shape society and its impacts on citizens. I am personally very excited to see how new technology will shape our world. Specifically, how disruptive innovation re-opens city planning and transforms spaces. I am also aware that it will bring with it increased responsibility as a citizen in a digital world. Since technology is neither inherently good or bad, it will be up to people living in a digital world to decide how it will be used. It could be used to increase access to services, but also to infringe on peoples privacy. Being a citizen in a digital world will require constant engagement and participation in decision making. Direct democracy is one method that comes to mind when I think of how technology can enable us to become more engaged. Burdensome local meetings regarding city development could be made more accessible and transparent through the application of digital governance methods. However, we must always be mindful of how technology can cause unintended consequences. It will require constant vigilance and re-evaluation to ensure that all people are included in a digital society and that no one is left behind.


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