Course Reflection

I was not able to attend the lecture for this module, but I can reflect on the course and my learning outcomes. Coming into the course, my understanding of digital governance was limited to government applying new technology to existing processes, such as digitizing paperwork and moving to online services. I found it valuable to understand digital governance not as just the application of technology, but the application of new processes. Specifically, design processes focusing on user-needs, with constant re-evaluation has given me a strong understanding of the importance of engaging with the users that will be actually using the service. It is clear that government needs to extensively consult with users before implementing a new service if they expect that service to be utilized. When I begin my co-op, I would like to take this approach with me and push for strong, meaningful stakeholder consultations so that we are fully informed about user-needs and we can design services that will be effective.

I also valued the discussion of open government, a concept that I favour strongly. It has been very useful for me as a student to be able to access government databases for statistics and to read about government decision-making processes. Many of my projects have been guided by government reports that included recommendations and the reasons for them. As well, statistics help to inform many subjects that we have worked on, providing evidence to back up claims.

Overall, I gained a lot from this course. I developed a great appreciation for the work being done to transition our governments to the digital era and I am eager to see the changes it will bring. I hope that Canada will be a global leader in this regard and I would like to do my utmost to encourage this by advocating digital governance approaches in my work. I believe that this will allow government to deliver effective and valued services to Canadians.


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